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Benefits of an optimized website

Today your prospects and customers are looking for you on the Internet. The web is primarily used by businesses and individuals for information and purchase. Owning a site is having a global business card that allows you to get to know your customers better. Accessible to all, your website allows you to have advanced and permanent advertising documentation and to reduce your communication costs. The site increases your visibility and therefore your customer base, it also strengthens your credibility and improves your customer service.

Website type

In order to identify the type of your future website, we determine together the number of pages needed to estimate the dimensions of the project. The following suggestions will help you define the type of site that best suits your web project.

► Offer #1 is a « one page » website where information about your company is displayed on the single page of your site. This « business card », accessible anywhere and anytime, is an good solution allowing your website to be visible on the Internet by typing its title on search engines.

► Offer #2 is a « classic website » with multiple pages that promote your business through information contained on those pages. Ideal for showcasing your company's team and know-how, this solution guarantees you excellent value for money.

► Offer #3 is a real « digital fortress » which can contain an infinite number of pages. This solution significantly widens your audience and brings great visibility to your brand through the research your visitors perform on the topics you cover. Our tool allows you to add, update and delete articles and is mainly intended for distribution companies (manufacturer, retailer-specialist) and companies editing content or if you want to delegate it to an agency. Discover our SEO and content writing offers.

Custom indexing and SEO option

A new site has little visibility at launch. There will not be many visitors if it is not properly indexed in search engines. This is why, as soon as it is online, the use of an SEO service is essential. It will help you reveal your website, brand and products by responding directly to user queries.

Indexed website quote

Do not hesitate to complete a quote request. We will contact you to discuss your website project.

Hosting & Security

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Photography & Editing

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