Definition of SEO and SEA

Search Engine Optimization includes all actions aimed at improving the visibility of your site on search engines and generating targeted traffic. SEO is based on content quality work and is about improving the pages of your website.

Search Engine Advertising aims to place advertisements in order to rank a website in the top search engines results. SEA requires the purchase of keywords at auction on one or more platforms (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo Sponsored Links ...).

Benefits of SEO and manual indexing SEM

SEO and SEA are two different strategies with the same goal: to improve a site's ranking in search engines in order to generate as much traffic as possible.

Manual indexing - also known as Search Engine Marketing - focuses on generating traffic from search engines. Indeed, your website must be registered manually on the « engines » for optimal indexing.

SEO services

We bring you the best solutions for a clean and efficient ranking over the long term. Our agency offers manual indexing by registering your site in search engines. We publish content that highlights your expertise and identifies you as a key player in your field.

In addition to technical and editorial work, our agency monitors your site traffic. We analyze and evaluate the SEO performance of your site on the Internet. Your site statistics are available through your Google Analytics.

Our SEO offer is based on several criteria and includes various services :

Site improvement

Our team carries out an in-depth study of the architecture of your pages as well as a verification and improvement of the responsive design.

Content validation

We check the relevance of your content such as titles, texts, inbound and outbound links, the ALT attribute of tags, etc.

Keyword analysis

We do a complete review of the keywords used, redundancies, synonyms, etc.

Progress tracking

Our reporting includes the verification of Adwords as well as the analysis of your ranking compared to your competitors.

Site statistics

Finally, we monitor improvements with modeling of visibility, origin and frequency statistics.

Specific SEO quote

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Social Networks

Our community manager deploys his expertise for the management, animation and moderation...

Domain name

Our agency offers and reserves one or more efficient domain names for your business....

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