Definition of web design

The combination of « web » and « design » literally means « canvas » and « draw ». So, web design is the action of drawing for the web. The creation of an aesthetic design brings the harmony of visual components (texts, images, videos ...) in order to optimize the user experience.

Benefits of an original web design

An original web design enhances the image of your company, contributes to the attractiveness of your site and increseases your credibility on the Internet. Beyond the « aesthetic » aspect, an attractive design improves your visibility and confirms your notoriety with your prospects.

Examples of web design

Web design services

We create your web design from the visual identity of your company. With a design adapted to digital media, we visually translate your goals and your values with accuracy and style. When reforging the website, we can draw or replicate your previous website design making it perfectly compatible with mobile and tablets screens.

Quote for a web design

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Photography & Editing

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Visual identity & Print

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