Definition of visual identity

It consists of a logo and graphic elements (typography, colors, shapes, currencies), symbols of your company. In other words, this graphic charter visually links the components of your brand! The visual identity applies to various communication media: business cards, envelopes, official documents ...

Benefits of multi-media visual identity

Advertising is the main objective of the visual identity: it reflects the image of your company, its services as well as its values. Visual identity is useful in distinguish yourself from other market players and helps you communicate in a consistent manner via existing media. Indeed, visual identity is the matrix of all communication strategies. With a « graphic identity card », your business attracts the attention of customers, establishes your brand awareness and strengthens your credibility in the current economic world.

Visual identity services

Our visual identity services are defined through multi-media printing as well as the creation of a graphic charter. These entities include the following elements:

Printing media

  • Business card
  • Flyer
  • Envelope
  • Catalog
  • Printing adhesives for shop windows and vehicles
  • Poster
  • Flag
  • Sticker

Visual creations

Examples of visual identity

Visual identity and printing quote

Contact us for a free estimate of the creation of your visual identity. We then define together your needs in order to establish your estimate on this basis.

Web design

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